Enjoy natural Onsen with varieties of bathtubs, Tsubo-Yu (Pottery), Tachi-Yu (standing bathing), Kaori-Yu (Fragrance), Jaccuzi, waterfall showers, Ne-Yu(lying), Open-air bathing, etc.


Grand Bath


Open hour for guests

Open hour Check-in at 14:00 / Check-out 11:00

Close 3:00 to 4:00 for cleaning and switching men and women section

Open hour

Reserved Bath with natural onsen flow

Traditional Onsen with natural flow.

Enjoy the quality of Onsen. 5 rooms are available.


Open hour 8:00~22:00
Fully advanced reservation
Charges Overnight guests 1,320 JPY (includes tax) / 50 min.
One-day guests 2,530 JPY (includes tax) / 50 min.


Ganban (Bedrock) Bathing

First bedrock bathing facility at Kita-Yuzawa Onsen. Just lying on the floor made of black silica, and you will get sweat a lot in 15 min. Detox and body metabolism effect can be expected. Good for health promotion. Negative ion and Far-infrared ray make the body warm to the core. ※Adults only




Open hour 7:00~22:00
(Reception by 21:00)
Charges 【Overnight guests】
 770 JPY (includes tax)/hr
【Happy hour】
 7:00~15:00 550 JPY (includes tax)

【One-day guests】
 1,540 JPY (includes tax)/hr

Spare clothe and towel are included
※Reservation in advance is required.
※Only available for guests; junior high students or older

Free shuttle bus service for 2 Major Onsen Tour

Shuttle service with “Yumeguri-GO” Bus departs every 15 min. allows you to enjoy our Onsen at “Kitayuzawa mori no soraniwa”, and “Horo horo Sanso” with in-house Yukata, “Yu-patcha”. Shuttle departs at the entrance of each location. Click here for details. Operation hours 8:00 to 22:00.


Characteristics of Onsen

Type Simple thermal hot spring(Alkalescent・High Temperature Spring)
Effect to Neuralgia・Muscular pain・Recovery from illness・Health enhancement
Spring temperature 81℃
Spring PH 8.7
  Water added Re-heating Circulation Discharge Chlorinated
Grand Bath × × ×
Family Bath × × × ×

One-day Bathing

Open hour 10:00~21:00(Reception by 20:00)
Charges ■Charge■
 Adult : 1,200 JPY (includes tax)
 School children : 600 JPY (includes tax)
 Infant : Free of charge
■Charge for 2 Major Onsen Tour■
 Adult : 2,200 JPY (includes tax)
 School children : 1,100 JPY (includes tax)
 Infant : Free of charge
Rental towels 300 JPY (includes tax)
※Open hour may be changed during the period of Year end, New Year, Bon season, and holidays. Please check in advance.
※The reception counter for one-day bathing on B1F is in operation by 18:00.
※After 18:00 to 20:00, available at the front desk.
※Bathing is available by 21:00.