Enjoy natural Onsen with varieties of bathtubs, Tsubo-Yu (Pottery), Tachi-Yu (standing bathing), Kaori-Yu (Fragrance), Jaccuzi, waterfall showers, Ne-Yu(lying), Open-air bathing, etc.


Grand Bath


Open hour for guests

Open hour Check-in at 14:00 / Check-out 11:00

Close 3:00 to 4:00 for cleaning and switching men and women section

Open hour

Reserved Bath with natural onsen flow

Traditional Onsen with natural flow.

Enjoy the quality of Onsen. 5 rooms are available.


Open hour 8:00~22:00
Fully advanced reservation
Charges Overnight guests 1,235 JPY ( 1,144 JPY net of tax ) / 50 min.
One-day guests 2,370 JPY ( 2,195 JPY net of tax ) / 50 min.


Ganban (Bedrock) Bathing

First bedrock bathing facility at Kita-Yuzawa Onsen. Just lying on the floor made of black silica, and you will get sweat a lot in 15 min. Detox and body metabolism effect can be expected. Good for health promotion. Negative ion and Far-infrared ray make the body warm to the core. ※Adults only




Open hour 7:00~22:00
(Reception by 21:00)
Charges 【Overnight guests】
 720 JPY ( 667 JPY net of tax )/hr
【Happy hour】
 7:00~15:00 515 JPY ( 477 JPY net of tax )

【One-day guests】
 1,440 JPY ( 1,334 JPY net of tax )/hr

Spare clothe and towel are included
※Reservation in advance is required.
※Only available for guests; junior high students or older

Free shuttle bus service for 2 Major Onsen Tour

Shuttle service with “Yumeguri-GO” Bus departs every 15 min. allows you to enjoy our Onsen at “Kitayuzawa mori no soraniwa”, and “Horo horo Sanso” with in-house Yukata, “Yu-patcha”. Shuttle departs at the entrance of each location. Click here for details. Operation hours 8:00 to 22:00.


Characteristics of Onsen

Type Simple thermal hot spring(Alkalescent・High Temperature Spring)
Effect to Neuralgia・Muscular pain・Recovery from illness・Health enhancement
Spring temperature 81℃
Spring PH 8.7
  Water added Re-heating Circulation Discharge Chlorinated
Grand Bath × × ×
Family Bath × × × ×

One-day Bathing

Open hour 10:00~21:00(Reception by 20:00)
Charges ■Charge■
 Adult : 800 JPY ( 741 JPY net of tax)
 School children : 400 JPY ( 370 JPY net of tax )
 Infant : Free of charge
■Charge for 2 Major Onsen Tour■
 Adult : 1,000 JPY ( 925 JPY net of tax )
 School children : 500 JPY ( 462 JPY net of tax )
 Infant : Free of charge
Rental towels 200 JPY ( 186 JPY net of tax )
※Open hour may be changed during the period of Year end, New Year, Bon season, and holidays. Please check in advance.
※The reception counter for one-day bathing on B1F is in operation by 18:00.
※After 18:00 to 20:00, available at the front desk.
※Bathing is available by 21:00.