Address 34 Kitayuzawa Onsen-cho Ootaki-ku Date-shi Parking lot(Free of charge) 150 cars
Phone number Overseas +81-142-68-6677 Total number of the guest rooms 67 rooms
Domestic 0142-68-6677
MAP Code
603 722 269*23
Maximum accommodation 332 people

MAP | car | JR | bus | Shuttle bus


Access by car (through Expwy.)

From Sapporo (via Nakayama Pass)/Approx. 1 hr. 50 min.・Approx. 86 km
From Chitose (via Bifue Pass)/Approx. 1.5 hrs.・Approx. 57 km
From Tomakomai (via Bifue Pass)/Approx. 1 hr.・Approx. 56 km
From Muroran (via Date city)/Approx. 1 hr. ・Approx. 56 km


Access by JR train

Get off at JR Date-Monbetsu Station of Muroran Line and take Donan bus.


Access by bus

Take Donan Bus for Otaki・Kutchan at JR Date-Monbetsu Station and get off at Kita Yuzawa Onsen. Approx. 47 min.


Shuttle bus service

Method for reserving shuttle bus seats

Please make a call to hotel directly when you need shuttle bus seats. (TEL:81-142-68-6677)
・Reservation Center will open 8:00 ~20:00
Booking Application for Shuttle bus service
When we have been reserved all of our shuttle bus seats from our guest, we might refuse your offer.
We will recommend to contact us early if you need it.
Thank you for your understanding.

The charge for a shuttle bus

●Sapporo Station

●the Airport
 For our guest 1,000 JPY(includes tax) / per person one way

Free shuttle bus time table

Pick-up Send-off
Dpt. Sapporo Station North Entrance Arv. Horo horo San-So Dpt. Horo horo San-So Arv. Sapporo Station North Entrance
13:30 16:15 9:40 12:15

Meeting Place

【Date of change】
From 1st.Sep,2022

【Meeting Place】
Near East ticket gate, JR Sapporo Station.

Shuttle bus time table(the Airport)

Pick-up Send-off
Dpt. the Airport Arv. Yumoto Dai-Ni Meisui-Tei Dpt. Yumoto Dai-Ni Meisui-Tei Arv. the Airport
14:00 15:30 10:50 12:45
It may use jumbo taxi instead of bus depending on the situation.
In April and May, there might be no bus depending on the situation.
For the details, please contact hotel.

We will ask the guest who stay at Horohoro Sanso use Shuttle bus from/for Chitose Airport, get off /on at Yumoto Dai-Ni Meisui-Tei and transfer another shuttle bus( Yumeguri-Go) between Yumoto Dai-Ni Meisui-Tei and Horohoro Sanso.
Thank you for your understanding.

Meeting Place

Domestic Flight Tour Desk; Amusement Hokkaido Service counter between
No 4 Gate and No 5 Gate, ground floor of the New Chitose Airport. Find the sign of Bus bound
for Noguchi-Kanko.


Noguchi Kanko Group Hotels Shuttle Bus Information